Antimation Plays Again!

The old band that just keeps playing, Antimation will be at it again August 20th at The Way Out Club. 2525 S. Jefferson, Saint Louis, MO 63104. We’ll be playing with a band that is reunited for the first time in with all the original members in 30 + years, Surgery.
We very nearly played our inaugural shows the same day at Surgery guitarist Brett’s house party. Antimation setup to do a sound check and the police came. We had a show that night at VFW 555 and so decided to pack up and head to the hall. Surgery did play and a wonderful time was had by all. I guess the police just had discriminating tastes.

To get you all psyched up here’s a tune Antimation recorded at an American Legion Hall in U City.

This song was recorded by Max Mutrux brother of Alex Mutrux who plays guitar in Surgery.

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