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Anti-Mation Mono-Types 1981

April 15, 2010 admin 0

    Anti-Mation played the VFW circuit between 1980-1982. We mixed some of our favorite cover songs with wave influenced rock. The band started out […]

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Zodiac Lounge Trio

September 9, 2009 admin 0

Zodiac Lounge Trio. Laura on bass Jeff on drums Tony on synths & guitars We recorded the base tracks at Shine Studios. After the fact […]

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The Felons, You Assassin

September 2, 2009 admin 0

Another video from the distant past of the early eighties. I shot and edited this video. Bob Krohn, did the audio recording and sound ¬†for […]

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Camaros Podcast

August 12, 2009 admin 0

The Camaros circa 1978-79. The tape for this podcast was recorded in my apartment on Indiana Ave. off of the Cherokee street commercial district. We […]